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We have implemented few useful templates for K2 component. These templates can be enabled in the K2 category configuration.

Events templates

Events templates usage should be connected with the specific extra fields (set the bolded names as aliases of the custom fields):
  • eventhours - text field with hours of the event
  • eventspeaker - link field with URL to the speaker page
  • eventvenue - text field with venue of the event
  • eventeventbrite - textarea field with code for the Eventbrite button

Above extra fields will be used on the event item display:

Event item screen

Speakers and Sponsors templates

Templates for sponsors and speakers are very similar - on both cases user can use own Extra Fields which will be displayed on the right side of the every item:

Speaker item screen

If you need to achieve the subtitle in the speakers list, please separate the lines using the -- string - then the text after this fragment will be displayed as a subtitle.

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